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    Pyrgos Restaurant

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    Pyrgos Restaurant is splendid complex located in Pyrgos, the highest village of Santorini island. Its circular shape with panoramic windows, offers magnificent view of the Island.

    Pyrgos Restaurant has been operating successfully for the last 20 years. Recently it was renovated and extended in order to satisfy even the most demanding needs and preferences. Our long standing presence and experience can fill all your requirements.

    In Pyrgos Restaurant you will enjoy local specialties, all cooked with fresh products, sea food and well-done dishes with meat.

    If you are planning your dream wedding in Santorini, this is perfect place for you. Pyrgos tavern-restaurant offers 4 different sites for wedding and any other special occasion.

    Outside area: 60- 150 persons
    Ballroom with terrace: 35-60 persons
    Main Ballroom: 120 -500
    Santa's Fotini Ballroom: 35-100

    This is good choice for weddings with lot of guests. In this place you can select different menus, based on traditional Greek cuisine. Let our 20 years experience make your special day a fabulous success.


    Santorini Hotels

    Orizontes Boutique Hotel is located in the heart of Santorini, the medieval village of Pyrgos. As the name says, Orizontes Hotels has beautiful panoramic view of the island and Aegean Sea.
    Close to the Pyrgos village and atop Mount of Prophet Elijah, stands Profitis IIias Monastery. It’s the highest point of Santorini from where you have a spectacular view of the Island.