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    Atmosphere Lounge Restaurant

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    If you are walking through Kamari, and you truly want to treat your self with a nice meal, Atmosphere Lounge restaurant is right choice for you. Atmosphere lounge restaurant is located on a walking path next to the beach, and it has two separate areas. One is outside restaurant next to the beach, and other is amazing lounge terrace on which you climb with the stairs. Right at start you will notice very pleasant personnel trying to indulge your desire.

    When you take menu, you can see different varieties of meals on your disposition. If you like Greek appetizers, traditional Greek recipes combined with international kitchen, and amazing deserts, Atmosphere Lounge restaurant provide all that for you and much more.

    Imagine in front of you, just several Greek appetizers like Santorinian tomato balls, fava, different cold salads, rocket salad, and all that combined with house wine, beautiful see view with some relaxing music.

    And this is just beginning. Really unique! After all when you think you are finish and you are ready to go, all the sudden waiter is coming with ouzo, saying that this a present from them for your good stay. At the end we can conclude that Atmosphere Lounge restaurant has a great service with reasonable prices, and really nice see view to ultimately enjoy your meal. Warm recommendation from crew of www.santorini360hotels.com


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    La Mer Spa Resort & Conference Center is situated in Kamari Village, Santorini, in the shadow of Ancient Fira. The Hotel was built in 2009, officially opened in June 2010, with its luxurious chic aesthetic, traditional and unique architecture, versatile services and respect for traditional santorinian elements.