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    Faros Lighthouse Santorini

    Faros Akrotiri is one of the best known and most visited lighthouses of the Aegean. It’s located in most southern tip of Santorini Island. The lighthouse was manufactured in 1892, during the Ottomans domination. French company 'La Société Collas et Michel' was hired to build one of the first lighthouses in Greece.

    Faros was out of order during the World War II, until 1945 when Hellenic Navy decided to reconstruct the lighthouse network. View from this point is fascinating, as you can see on our panorama.

    Best time to visit lighthouse is during sunset, when sun is sinking behind Volcano. If you plan to visit Faros, we suggest you to do it after spending a day on one of the beaches that are close to lighthouse. Red beach, Kambia and Mesa Pigadia are among nearest. Like the majority of houses in Santorini, lighthouse is also painted white.

    Square cylindrical stone tower is attached to a stone keeper’s house, with lantern and gallery. Santorini Lightouse Akrotini is 10m high and sends the ‘message’ to sailors every 10 seconds.


    Santorini Hotels

    Firebrand of World History, place that is main character of many stories about Santorini Archipelago. Santorini volcano has erupted 11 times so far, but it is believed that ~1630 BC eruption, which was one of the most explosive in history, created the huge Caldera that you can see.
    The Red Beach - Santorini is one of the most famous and beautiful of the beaches on Santorini island. It is located on the southern coast near the village and ancient site of Akrotiri and made of black and red volcanic rocks. It is well known for the unique colour of the sand and the hill behind it.