There are many beautiful and traditional villages on Santorini, but Oia is heart and soul of the Island. Famous for its spectacular sunsets, Oia is known as one of the most romantic and beautiful places in the entire world. Vacation in Santorini is a real time experience and you will find everything amazing and magical. But first of all, in order to enjoy all this beauties, you have to find appropriate accommodation in Oia. Hotels in Oia are going to cost you little bit more, compared to the other places in Santorini.
Oia hotels are of the highest standard and offer the best accommodations you will find in Santorini. All around the village you will find luxury Oia hotel apartments, studios and rooms. Fanari Villas, Esperas Traditional Houses and Oia Castle Suites are among the finest hotels in Oia, Santorini. All three of them are situated in famous sunset area, next to Oia fortress. Village of Oia is placed in northern part of Island, 11km from capital Fira and 20km from Santorini Airport. You can take the bus which runs about every hour, or to consider Santorini Car Rental. That will make your life easier in Santorini.
Oia is a unique place, which we highly recommend to everyone coming to visit Greece. If you want to enjoy the best accommodation that Oia has to offer you should book ahead. Especially if you are coming in top season (July and august), you may find nothing available. Do not hesitate and wait for last minute reservation, we recommend you all to book your room as soon as possible. Visiting Oia will be one of those experiences that all of us have to live, at least once in his lifetime. With the summer just around the corner, it is wise to start making your plans.
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Fanari Villas in Oia with its unique and beautiful sunsets over the Mediterranean Sea, is real magical place to spend vacation. Fanari Villas offers you well furnished rooms with unusual carved shelves.
8 hours 43 min
Oia Castle by Art Maisons Hotel is a luxurious 5 star hotel in Oia, perched on the edge of this volcanic island and looking out over Santorini's caldera. Guests can enjoy plenty of amenities, including a Jacuzzi and several on-site pools.
11 hours 37 min
One of the most spectacular hotel in Oia with unique location and surrounding. Panoramic view of the entire village, sunset, Caldera and the deep blue Aegean.
13 hours 23 min
The Esperas Hotel in Santorini is located in the spectacular village of Oia on the northwestern part of the island. Inspired by the romance and tradition of local habitats you will find The Esperas Villas Hotel with its traditional style houses;
11 hours 29 min
Visit the lovely complex of Strogili Traditional Houses in Oia. For a romantic holiday or honeymoon in a a dreamy setting, the villas promise the ideal location for a truly memorable stay.
1 day 2 min
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