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    Theros Wave Beach Bar

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    Theros Wave Bar is the hidden jewel of the southern beaches in Santorini Island, located along the beautiful Vlychada in the exclusive beach Eros. Theros Wave Bar is organizing the best full moon nights ever! Its extraordinaire location will provide you an unforgetable night with music and drinks below the fullmoon!

    Theros Wave Bar has established itself as the landmark for ultimate beach relaxation during the day and celebrationsas the day moves on.

    Theros Wave Bar is comprised of an oceanfront complex featuring an organized beach with fabulous lounge beds, and a beach bar & restaurant area.

    Enjoy the service under the hot Greek sun!

    You can contact us at tel 6977222666

    One opinion from Trip Advisor:

    "The staff were brilliant. I made all the arrangements over the internet and everything was perfect. Whether its for a daytime event or an evening event I would highly recommend Theros."


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    Vlychada is a long sandy beach with picturesque rock formations and white cliffs. Despite its natural beauty, Vlychada wasn’t very busy beach. For a long time it was known as one of Santorini's virgin beaches, but apparently it has started evolving. Sand is mix of black and white.